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Catry Scratch, Play, and Stay Cat Tree

Catry Scratch, Play, and Stay Cat Tree

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Play, sleep, chase, and pounce. These are some of your cat's favorite activities, so they deserve to do so somewhere comfortable and fitting for their style and prestige. The Catry Scratch, Play, and Stay Cat Tree is the perfect Cat Tree for doing this! With a scratching pad near the base, your cat will satisfy his urge to scratch while saving your home and furniture from the damage!

Then, once he gets sleepy, he can nap in the condo, in his tunnel, or lounge on the hammock! The conveniently placed toy will also keep him entertained while he admires his domain from the top of his tower!


  • Hammock, tunnel, condo, and scratching pad and posts! Satisfy all your cats needs with one tower!
  • Matches easily with homes of all styles
  • All assembly tools included!
  • Premium Quality Control

Item Dimensions: LxWxH 22.5x15.5x43.5 inches

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