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JW GripSoft Dematting Rake

JW GripSoft Dematting Rake

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Grooming is a vital part of pet maintenance. Not only does it make your life much easier by reducing the amount of fur you'll find scattered about your floor, furniture, and clothes, but it also helps keep your pet healthy and happy by cleaning their fur, ensuring that they have a healthy coat and skin beneath!

The JW GripSoft Dematting Rake is Chew 'N Play best tool for cutting and removing mats from the inner layers of your pet's fur. This tool has long stainless-steel blades specially designed to cut through the toughest mats. Helps to promote a tangle-free coat that is soft to the touch. Gripsoft technology features non-slip grips and an ergonomic handle which are made to provide optimal comfort and control while grooming your pet.

Always use the tool at an angle, holding the rubber handle slanted upright to avoid scratching the skin. For best results use regularly for a shiny beautiful coat year-round.

Dimensions 9.5" x 5.5" x 2.75"

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